It is another golden chance to contribute to our special edition of the BARICHO MIRROR. We thank our God Almighty for making it possible and taking us this far.

First and foremost I want to register my sincere gratitude to our able Chief Principal Mr. BERANARD KINGA, you stewardship and leadership has indeed propelled us to this great length. You will remain our pillar and source of inspiration and encouragement us we execute our duties. Secondly, I want to thank my able colleague and deputy principal Mr Charles Mukundi, you support and commitment cannot go unmentioned. To our team of dedicated teachers, Hongera for the hard work dedication and unwavering commitment you have demonstrated all through.

As an administrator, I have come to realize the importance of teamwork. This is because we are all uniquely gifted and therefore each ones’ contribution is very pertinent in the running of the daily affairs of our institution. Therefore, it is the synergy and energy of every Baricho Boys stakeholder that have made us to become who are today- A successful national school.

As the head of the discipline committee, I want to reiterate my commitment in ensuring that a Baricho boy becomes an embodiment of a disciplined boy and in fact be a role model within and even outside the school. It is our steadfast belief that discipline is an indispensable ingredient in realizing good results. Thus, I want to thank the disciplinary committee for their tireless efforts in helping us maintain order and strict adherent to our school rule and regulations among our boys.

Our work is never easy.  We draw inspiration from witnessing our efforts bearing fruits when our boys pass with flying colours. Sometimes we feel drained on the way but we never lose sight of our collective goal of 10.5 for the 2022 candidate class. With our eyes set on this prize, with God behind us we believe that we will attain it!

As we start our academic calendar 2023. May god guide us and keep us focused for the noble task ahead.


“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”
-John Maxwell