Head of language Department


The language department at Baricho Boys High School is one of the most important department It has very dedicated and efficacious teachers, always available to assist the boys. Baricho being a boy’s school, teaching of languages has not been easy. The first thing we do as teachers of languages right from form one is to deal with the attitude of the students who believe that languages are feminine. I salute the male teachers in this department who has played a key role in communicating the fact that languages are key for both men and women who wants to succeed in life.

The English subject is headed by Madam MARY MAINA while Kiswahili is headed by MR. JOSEPH GITHUKA and German is headed by Madam Grace. The enthusiastic team in the department has vowed to work tirelessly in order to ensure constant positive improvement. Sound academic programs and the determination of the students have also contributed to better grades in the subjects every year.

The language department has always received immense support from the principal and the whole administration. No wonder there is constant improvement.

This year we have set our target at a mean score of 9.5 for English and 10 for Kiswahili and we believe we have what it takes to get there. The two disciplines are core subjects in the national examination and their importance should never be underestimated.

For diversity in the school curriculum, German has been introduced in Baricho Boys in form one 2017 and the first group of German students sat for their K.C.S.E year 2020 and the performance was outstanding. German recorded a mean score of 10.5.Mrs. Munene the German tutor is dedicated and quite competent. Plans are underway to also have French introduced in school.

In K.S.C.E 2021, Kiswahili recorded a mean score of 10.4334 a positive variance of 0.1176.Congratulations Kiswahili team and feel appreciated. HONGERA!!!



In K.C.S.E 2021 English recorded a mean score of 8.919 a positive variance of +1.477 Congratulations English team and feel appreciated.



 “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”