The school does so well in both local and national exams. It became position 57 among top 100 national schools in 2013’s KCSE. The school strives for better performance in the coming years. One way that the school is aiming to do this is by ensuring that the teachers are at par with the students and they all work towards achieving a common goal.


We are glad to note that the school has been on upward trend in the K.C.S.E. performance. 

Below are the comparative results for the years 1989 – 2010

Our students are well disciplined, self driven with our school rating as one among the disciplined schools in the County.  Such vices as molesting, drug abuse, truancy and sneaking are things of the past because of the teamwork and co-operation among teachers.  We call our boys “GENTLEMEN” because of their gentle behavior.