Baricho is a public maintained secondary school, located in Mwerua Location, Ndia Division in Kirinyaga County. Started in the year 1964 by his Lordship the late Bishop Gatimu of Nyeri Diocese, the school stands on a 24 acre piece of land and was founded by catholic Mission, hence it is a Catholic Sponsored school.

The initial enrolment was 30 boys which has now grown to 1453

The Government took over the school in the year 1973 and the T.S.C. posted Mr. Joseph Kagenya to head the school who took over from Mr. Justin Muriithi who was later transferred to the D.E.O’S Office.

In the year 1977, Mr. Kagenya was transferred to Primary school and Mr. P.K. Gichiru took over the administration of the school.  In the same year, in September, a Board of Governors replaced School Committee and Mr. George Mirogi was appointed as the Board Chairman. 

In 1994, Mr. P.K. Gichiru was transferred to Mwea Boys and Mr. Gitau J. M. took over the administration. 

In 2001, Mr. Gitau was transferred to Gatunyu Secondary School and replaced by Mr. Githuka A.N.  In 2009 Mr. Githuka was transferred to Njiri High School and replaced by Mr. Kamau R.G.

In 2013, Mr. Kamau R.G was transferred and replaced by Mr. Wachira I.K.

In 2018, Mr. Wachira I.K was transferred to Muthambi Boys and replaced by Mr. Kuria J.M who was transferred to Mangu High School and replaced by the current principal. Mr. Mwangi BK.