Teaching and Learning

 Baricho high schools is innovative, supportive and modern learning environments with engaged teachers. Find out about today’s classroom, curriculum, assessment and our teachers.on the school notice Board,

Parent Involvement

 Getting involved in your child’s school can be extremely rewarding. Learn about how you can participate, celebrate events, provide support and stay informed.

Help your child learn at home and access websites and resources to complete their homework.

Costs and Financial Assistance

Government schools teach the standard curriculum for free but they can charge for the materials your child uses. Find information on these costs and the assistance available to help low income families.

Behavior and Attendance

Working together is the best way to positively impact students’ behaviour and attendance. Find out about absences, behaviour and student discipline policies.

Support for Children with Special Needs

If your child has a disability there are a range of options to help them access quality education that meets their needs. Learn about getting your child assessed, special schools and support programs.

Child Health and Well being

Children thrive at school when they are healthy, happy and secure. Find information about anaphylaxis, immunisations, healthy eating, cyber safety and the support services available for your child.