My gratitude goes to our principal Mr. John  Kuria. Under his leadership we are already experiencing major changes in our school. I am double sure that the direction we are taking will help us move forward in terms of academic progress.

Today I feel very much encouraged, not because we have achieved much, but because our concerted efforts are yielding the desired efforts that we envisaged. We as a school have come from far. We always encourage our boys to be the best they can and make use of every OPPORTUNITY that comes their way.

The cliché ‘life is not a rehearsal’ still makes since in an academic setting. We oversee boys who transit through this system and ultimately make it but on the same breath, we also come across others with impeccable KCPE results but end up disappointing at the end of the four year course. The main difference that exists between the two is how they package their priorities and utilizes their time here is school. It is true, that nothing can surpass good academic credentials. They open for you great opportunities that can only be dreamt of. Thus, education is the gateway to immense opportunities that await us.

As one of the administrators in this great school, I want to reiterate that its never a seat of roses. Each day presents to us unique challenges that sometimes usurp our energies to the extreme, but it is the hope and the determination of some of our boys that keeps us going. It is the desire of the set goals and objects that brings us up to our feet to muster the reaming energy to work more hard to achieve those set goals. Truly, to them that have been entrusted with authority, great responsibility and accountability rests on their shoulders.

The way to success calls for steadfast focus and the will to ove5rcome any challenge that comes on the way. Life has always taught to accept the moments of despair and always enjoy to the fullest those moments of happiness and victory. It is for this reason, that we also mentor and counsel the boys to always stay positive regardless of the challenges that they encounter. indeed, that is the very reason why the teachers embraced the family units that kicked off the beginning of this term to make sure that we reach to that boy who might feel left out and lonely. We owe it to our principal who has been very passionate about these family units.

Finally, I want to thank all the teachers and the subordinate staff for their unwavering support that has given us amble time the whole of the year 2018. HONGERA SANA. Let us continue to work together for the prosperity of BARICHO BOYS