It is yet another important moment to contribute yet again to our 2023 edition of the mirror. From the onset, I want to thank our Almighty God for this Golden chance to be alive and also to be part of this important institution. Indeed, the far we have come is because of God’s grace and blessings.

As an institution, we have made tremendous steps in ensuring that we keep up with the demands of being a National School. As a result, we have seen robust ground breaking of infrastructural developments within our school. I am glad to report the completion of the Mt. KENYA dormitory which houses over 300 students. We have also completed the construction of the modern computer laboratory and music room in addition to two ministerial CBC classrooms. For sure, we are not there, but we have made gigantic strides in infrastructural development that will see us be among the best.

In the academic front, we are indeed on course towards the attainment of our 10.5 mean score. The determination and the hard work I have witnessed among our teachers, students and the administration shows that indeed it’s a matter of when and not if. Truly, God shall reward our efforts that we have put more especially in the candidates class.

I want also to thank our sponsor, the Catholic Church for supporting us all through and always keeping us on spiritual pathway to ensure that our boys and as a school we remain spiritually nourished. Indeed we are very much indebted to you. Much appreciation also goes to our board of management led by our chairman, ENG. KARUMBA and the parents association led by DR. MUGENDI, your commitment in ensuring that our institution remains afloat is truly unrivalled. Special appreciation also goes to my able deputies MR. DAVID WAINAINA and MR. CHARLES MUKUNDI for the support in ensuring discipline and academics matters are precisely executed for the welfare of our students. I also want to thank the teachers for their tireless dedication in preparing our candidates and implementing all the programmes that we have rolled out. Finally our students and the members of the non-teaching staff and all the stake holders, you have indeed made Baricho Boys what it is today.

As we start yet another academic year, we pray to God to continue guiding us and bless each and every one of us to realise our set goals and aspiration. To our dear students, BARICHO BOYS is the best institution there is, be proud and let’s work tirelessly to maintain the standards that have been set. HIGH WE AIM. GOD BLESS BARICHO BOYS!

“The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.”
-Theodore M. Hesburgh