Njanja Peterson – H.O.S Physics.

The department is headed by Mr. Peterson Njanja as the head of Physics. The main objective of the department is to produce holistic students who are able to excel in any field mostly engineering which Physics is part of.

  Physics has been the major core and the best performed science subject in KCSE for three years in a row. The following table illustrates Physics performance in the past 6 years in KCSE.

Year 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Mean Score 7.6940 6.156 7.806 8.605 8.5531 7.122
Mean Grade B- C B- B B C+


The following are the committed teachers who we work together in the department:

  1. Gicheru – Form 4 Coordinator
  2. Bundi – Form 3 Coordinator
  3. Patrick – Form 2 Coordinator
  4. Mugo – Form 1 Coordinator
  5. Epitas
  6. Muli
  7. Nderitu
  8. Cyrus

With the commitment of team of teachers in the department, cooperation between students and the overwhelming support from the administration there is optimism that K.C.S.E Performance in 2018 will be our best ever.