1. To develop and maintain a strong and quality human resource base for optimum performance within the school
  2.  To integrate effective teaching and and effective application of knowledge and skills.
  3. To improve, develop and   establish teaching in line  with  the country social, economic and political development needs.
  4. To develop and promote quality and market driven academic and professional pursuits.
  5. To contribute to the expansion, strengthening, and sustaining the school   income base, and to monitoring and maintaining a sound financial management system.
  6. To develop and promote a culture that emphasizes commitment to the school’s vision, mission, values and image.
  7. To strengthen and  expand collaboration and partnership with industry and other organizations.
  8. To establish a culture of good governance in leadership and management of the school .
  9. To develop and enhance  the school infrastructure and facilities on a sustainable and need basis.
  10. To stimulate the intellectual participation of students, staff and alumni in economic, technological, agricultural and professional development, and  to promote cultural variety in the country.