This department is charged with guiding and counselling students who have Emotional, mental and even physical challenges. Our department has organized programs which cater for both individual and group counselling. Group counselling is done where several students are experiencing the same challenges as a class or form.

The department it steered by four teachers namely:

  • Samson Kagiri – HOD
  • Gikanga -Assistant HOD
  • Gacheru -In charge of Family units
  • Munene -in charge of counselling club
  • Njue -Assistant counselling club
  • Schola -Life skills

The Department has the following programs:

  1. Family units program.
  2. Form counselling
  3. Peer counselling (done in class by peer counsellors).
  4. External speakers program.
  5. Assembly programs (Teachers)

Note The department is also given the responsibility of encouraging students to collect money using forms, in school and also at home during the holiday, in order to assist in the hospice medical course in Nyeri that caters for the people suffering from terminal diseases. This year (2018) we raised 113,350/= (on hundred and thirteen thousand, three hundred and fifty) for the hospice.

The department has peer counsellors in every class. Every form is headed by a form counsellor, who coordinates this forum (classes) during peer counselling sessions.