Head of Technical Department



The new world order is moving towards the technical and applied areas in expertise and especially our national state.

 This calls for students who are ready to be hands on and quick in solving problems. Information technology being integrated in the businesses and more so in farming is taking the country to the next level of achieving one of its development goals in food sustainability.

    To meet this national demands Baricho Boys High School offers a variety of technical and applied subjects to its students which include; BUSINESS STUDIES, AGRICULTURE, MUSIC AND GERMAN.

As a department we have tremendously improved across the board as depicted in the analysis below for the past three years;

SUBJECTS                                         2018                       2019                       2020               2022
BUSINESS STUDIES                        7.14                        8.797                     10.049.8242
AGRICULTURE                                5.904                     8.267                     10.169.8426
COMPUTER                                     10.889                   12.0                        12.011.837
MUSIC                                               10.00                     9.778                     8.338.9231
GERMAN                                            –                            –                              10.59.7857

 Special mention of German being its maiden performance with a mean of 10.5.

 We are an extremely committed department that has an able leadership of the following subjects heads.

-MR. NJOROGE                 –              BUSINESS STUDIES

-MR. WILLIAM K.                              -AGRICULTURE

-MR TIMOTHY                   –              COMPUTER

-MR NJUE                            –              MUSIC

-MRS MUNENE                 –              GERMAN

The boys have been doing well in this subjects where they are all focused in total excellence being led by the computer team.

 We are hoping to even surpass our department target of 11.00 to 12.00.

In god we know that all things are possible.