First and foremost, I want to thank my God Almighty for this great opportunity to serve at Baricho Boys High school. It is with great pleasure that I took over this job in the year 2020.

From the onset I want to thank my able predecessor Mr. J.M KURIA for the robust academic programs that he laid before I set my foot in this great institution. Truly , we are so much indebted to the founding principals of this school. Your work is what has seen Baricho rise to these great heights that is has. As I always say, ours as employees of Teachers Service Commission is to make sure that we leave a mark wherever we go. It is again my sincere gratitude for what you have done for this institution.

As the principal of Baricho High School, I am alive to the fact of the many challenges we are going through to edge our name among the top national schools in the country. I will not be blind to the many odds that the school has navigated to be where it is. I know, for a fact, that the success journey has its own share of setbacks and huge obstacles on the way, but I am driven by an overwhelming conviction that with our Mighty God before us, with the collective synergy of all stake holders, no mountain is big enough to surmount. It is with this faith that I took over this job knowing that we shall indeed be victorious.

I want to appreciate my able deputy principal MR. WAINAINA and MR.MUKUNDI for the strong and genuine support he has given me since reporting to this school. Indeed, it is through him a that I have found a cordial working relationship that has enabled us to continue steering this great institution.

Arguably, I have gathered enough experience to believe that discipline is an indispensable factor as far as success of any student is concerned, as such; we have laid down an elaborate strategy to ensure that we inculcate a good culture for our boys. Therefore, we are instilling a uniform policy right from wearing the right shoes to the complete school uniform.

Incontestably, Baricho High is on an exponential growth in terms of academics and students population. It is for this reason, that we held our first fundraising geared towards building an ultra modern school dormitory with the bed capacity of not less than 350 students. We are optimistic, that with the little we raised and the support of our parents, we shall actualize this ambitious plan. This year again, we are starting the construction of a form two block that will see the demolition of the dilapidated classes in the form two block. This will go down in changing the structural image of institution

 Our school is committed in its mission of quality and holistic education. For a long time now, we have and continue to experience shortage of teaching staff.  I am happy to report that we were happy to receive four new teachers from the TSC. Truly, this has helped our school to ease the workload of teachers in the respective subjects. We are still hopeful to receive more teachers by next year.

I believe in entrepreneurial spirit that helps to alleviate the cost of purchasing things. That is why I have launched a farming project that will see our school produce vegetables on one acre piece of land. This project was conceived against the backdrop of scarcity of this precious meal for our boys. This project will help mitigate the cost of buying vegetables for our boys. Furthermore, we intend to revive pig rearing in our institution. I have realized we have a lot of food for the pigs in form of leftovers in our school dining hall. Therefore, this project is likely to kick off next year.

Finally, I want to reiterate that it is through collective work that we will all realize our individual dreams. I believe that Baricho will never be the same again. I ride on this conviction believing that the ground we laid will not be an effort in futile. MAY GOD BLESS BARICHO.

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